Why You Need To Filter Your Water?

Water is a basic necessity and it is all human beings’ right to have access to clean and potable water. Buying bottled water is a solution if your tap water is not drinkable but the ramifications of accumulated plastic bottles as trash is harmful to our environment. Not to mention, it is more costly.

Tap water even if it is certified to be drinkable is still not 100% safe and clean. This water before coming out of our faucets travelled through pipelines and might be exposed to contaminants and other harmful elements. Yes it is sterile and sanitized but the disinfectants used are still harmful such as chlorine and or ammonia. Bathing using this treated water could be tolerated but having to drink this is a no-no.

Filter Out Chlorine and Lead

Since we could not rule out the benefit of using chlorine to treat water of water borne illnesses, we could eliminate this from our drinking water by using a water filter. The water would be healthier and safer to drink and we could avoid the harsh effects of drinking chlorine. Lead is another substance that is filtered by water filters. Lead poisoning causes kidney damage and high blood pressure. Pregnant women could also suffer from miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth and it affects the brain development and the nervous system. 

Filtered Water Prevents Gastrointestinal Issues

One of the first symptoms that we drank contaminated water is stomach ache. There are even others who could eat food that is about to be spoiled and still be okay but drinking unclean water automatically sends them to the doctor. If you have a water filter and cooler, you are protected from gastrointestinal problems such as amoebiasis since you have access to clean and potable drinking water.

Filtered Water Improves Your Physical Attributes

We always read and hear that drinking eight glasses of water would do wonders for our skin and hair since we are properly hydrated. But, we have to remember that the most important thing is that we are cleaning clean water.

Filtered Water Improves Our Digestive System

Drinking clean water helps our body break down food so we could easily absorb all the nutrients. If we are also suffering from constipation, drinking several glasses of water would help soften our stool to help us pass it.

Filtered Water Could Help You with Your Migraine

If you are constantly suffering from migraine, you might be suffering from dehydration. There are other causes for migraine but before you reach for your bottle of pills, try downing a glass of water first. It might not cure it but at least it would not get worse. By ensuring that your body is getting enough water, you might be able to lead a migraine free life.

Filtered Water Could Help With Your Diet

Drinking water while you are dieting makes you eat less. Dietitians have recommended time and time again that drinking water could help you feel fuller and provide the hydration that your body needs without the calories.

These are just some of the reasons why having access to clean filtered water is necessary. You should not think twice about having your tap water filtered for your safety and that of your family.