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What Is Veganism? How You Can Become A Vegan

Veganism is not some sort of a religion but a choice. The world is full of animal lovers, some of that love limits at the paws of the basic pets such as a dog or a cat; but sometimes the love runs deep. Veganism is quite similar to being a vegetarian with the exception of the exemption of all animal products such as dairy not only from one’s diet but from the lifestyle too- a vegan will not wear animal-tested products or clothing derived from animal skin.

What are the lifestyle changing habits a vegan has to make? What are their choices of food?

1/ Lifestyle

A vegan will have to remove all products that are either derived from animals or items that are made by animals as test subjects. These products may include leather jackets, purses, certain makeup or perfumes. It is important to remember that you aren’t able to use syrups such as honey either as they are derived from bee farms. One needs to research and observe keenly to know which products are based on animal products or are tested on animals.

Although, nowadays most products proudly advertise their clean hands by displaying or advertising “not contributing to animal cruelty” in the product labels and advertisements.

2/ Food

The world seems to have a misconception when it comes to the diet of a vegan, it is a common assumption that it is limited to leaves nuts and seeds. Whilst that is not the case at all, vegans have a more highlight in the world than they used to before, this can be seen through the emerging of products such as vegan meat, or sausage. The best would be vegan dairy products such as all-natural coconut milk, soy milk and products such as vegan cheese and coconut yoghurt. These amazing products do not only excel in taste but are seen to be on the brighter side of the health spectrum.

Why Would One Choose To Become A Vegan?

Other than the obvious love for animals, people that have becoming healthy as a resolution of life or to stay within a certain weight has embraced veganism. It is quite beneficial to individuals with allergies such as lactose intolerance as they could indulge in a lifestyle completely so that having dairy is not an option, giving them much more control.

There are also certain studies that were conducted regarding the benefits of veganism some stating that people tend to feel overall healthier, less tired and much more focused. Some sources also claim that consuming organic fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of cancer as it avoids the consumption of chemicals present in meat and dairy produce.

There Are Also Some Precautions

Most people have a fear for the lack of protein and the risk of insufficient vitamin b12. Protein consumption can be increased with most soy products and other food such as tofu. Vitamin B12 can be consumed in pill form and thus eliminating the risk of hospitalization.

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