Top Tips for Buying a Treadmill in Australia

A treadmill at home is a major step forward in starting your fitness journey. As essential they are for cardio, buying a treadmill is an expensive process. So you would definitely want to be careful regarding what you purchase. Here are several top tips for purchasing your ideal treadmill in Australia:

The Right Size is Important

Treadmills come in various sizes. There are compact ones that fit in apartment living rooms. And there are also bigger treadmills with plenty of room for running that sell for rather high prices. As with clothes, you will need to pick the right size for you.

There are several factors that go into deciding if a treadmill is the right size. First is the size of the belt where you have to walk or run. It should be wide enough to comfortably support your body. Then there’s the actual size of the treadmill itself. You can pick a compact one or a big one depending on how much storage space you have at home.

Check the Weight Limit

Treadmills have a weight cap. Most of those you find in Sydney support weights up to 200 pounds. But if you need more like 300 lbs., you may need to specially look for a treadmill that supports such a weight cap.

Understand Horsepower

Treadmills, like computers, have their own specs. One of these specs is horsepower, which indicates how fast the motor can run. The horsepower number indicates how fast or slow the treadmill belt moves. Lower numbers usually mean the belt is only fast enough for powerwalking. These treadmills are suited for extremely light cardio, such as for elderly patients.

Horsepower can go up to 3 or 4, which means the belt moves fast enough for running. Ideally, if you want to do cardio, you need at least 2.5 units of horsepower. For indoor running, aim for 3 units of horsepower. But keep in mind that higher the horsepower, the more expensive the machine would be.

Consider Practicality

Can you actually fit the treadmill in your living room? Consider features like fold-ability that makes storing the treadmill at home convenient. Some treadmills may have easy to wipe handles, or easy to move features. Take these into consideration when choosing a machine.

Mind the Gimmicks

Treadmills these days offer all sorts of gimmicks usually in the form of entertainment value. Some way come with features like iPhone connectivity, touchscreen media players and the like. These features usually make the machine more expensive. So you have to decide whether you really want to spend hundreds of dollars more on an HD touchscreen, rather than a feature like a faster motor. Gimmicks are great if you are not on a budget. But otherwise, be careful when spending money on such features.

But Pay for Useful Features

Gimmicks aside, there are still highly useful features that you won’t regret spending money on. For example, a phone holder or a water bottle holder can be really great for a machine that would go in a gym. There might be other, more necessary features to look for, such as padding on the handlebar.

Buying a treadmill doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Follow the above advice and spend your money wisely.