Tips To Boost Your Immune System without Even Noticing It

Falling sick often is not only an annoyance, it can also be a hindrance to your professional and social life. Here are a few tips that can help you boost your immune system, so you can prevent falling sick so often.

Sleep the Recommended Hours

As an adult, the recommended amount of nighttime sleep is 7 to 9 hours. However, most of us rarely this amount of sleep. As most of our recovery happens while we sleep, and we are more alert after a good night’s sleep, depriving yourself of it not only puts your immunity system in jeopardy, but your life as well. Do your best to head to bed early and try to wake up early so you need not have a running start on your day.

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

We are all guilty of not keeping our body hydrated enough, especially during the colder weather. Aim to drink a glass of water once every 2 hours. While it’s true that you might be running to the toilet every hour if you do so, you will also notice a significant change in your energy level, and then inevitably in your health in general. Alternatively, alkaline water is also great for boosting your immunity system, provided you don’t overdo it!  If you’re finding it difficult to buy alkaline water from your local grocery stores, you can also opt to buy it online.

Eat Wholesome, Home-Cooked Meals

They say your abs are made in the kitchen, but this applies to your immune system as well. Thanks to the popularity of fast foods and our impossibly chaotic schedules, we often overlook eating healthy; opting to eat what’s fastest instead. As a result, we have been depriving our body of the nutrients it needs to function, as well as for it to keep our immune system strong. Start eating healthier from today onwards. Aim to eat at least one home cooked meal per day¾preferably breakfast or dinner.

Exercise Regularly and Consistently

Physical activities help your body to get rid of bacteria via your lungs and airways. This inevitably prevents you from catching colds and flus often. While we understand that you might not have time to head to the gym every day, do your best to at least stay active throughout the day. The secret is to be consistent¾even if all you’re doing is a brisk walk to and from work every day.

Avoid Stressing Out All the Time

Stress is a major reason for a failing immune system, whether we realize we’re stressed out, or not. If you work in a high-stress environment or face stressful situations daily, it’s vital that you take the time each day to de-stress as well. Practice relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation. Alternatively, you could also try swimming; which not only will help you de-stress, but also count as an exercise.

Dress Up, Get Out, And Meet People!

Socializing is vital not only for our mental health, but also to keep our immune system strong and ready for a fight. Your body needs to face different bacteria in order to become stronger; something that’ll happen only if you dress up, get out, and meet people!