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Tips to increase your water intake

If there is any substance that your body needs the most, it is WATER! This magical liquid makes up almost 70% of the body and is the prime mode of transportation that aids in moving nutrients within the body from one part to the other. Despite, the constant emphasis on the importance of this liquid and how often it must be consumed, people tend to ignore this and fail to drink sufficient water on a daily basis. Thus, resulting in several health issues that occur as a result of dehydration. If you happen to be experiencing health problems due to the lack of water intake, here are a few tips to help increase your water consumption and make your life much easier.

Steer clear of sugary drinks


Most often, people tend to make the mistake of thinking that consuming any other drink instead of water is acceptable and can be counted as water intake. However, this is not the case. In fact, some drinks may have the opposite effect and may make you feel even more dehydrated than usual. Stay away from sodas and alcohol as these are high in sugar. Moreover, it is important to limit your caffeine intake as well as this can make you feel dehydrated. In addition, avoid reaching out for pre-packaged fruit juices that claim to be made with 100% fruit as these are often high in sugar and have very little nutritional value.

Try flavored water or fruit


In most cases, the issue is not with regard to forgetfulness, it is often due to the taste of water that most people refrain from drinking sufficient water. Although water is known to have no taste, it is true that there is a slight flavor to it. To avoid this issue, you could try drinking flavored or fruit infused water by adding strawberries, mint leaves, apple, cinnamon, lemon or cucumber to a water bottle and consuming in throughout the day. Another option is to eat your water by consuming fruits such as watermelon that have a high water content.

Keep reminders


Sometimes, people tend to get so caught up in their busy lives that they often forget to drink water. As absurd as this may sound, it is actually true. The daily hustle and bustle can even make a human forget to drink water. Therefore, the best way to prevent this is to set a reminder every hour to drink a glass of water. You could even carry a bottle with you at all times as this will make it easier for you to drink water throughout the day, regardless of wherever you are.

Regardless of how often you tend to neglect your water intake and how much you hate the taste of it, there is no way out. You have to figure out a way to increase your water intake and some of these methods might just do the trick. So keep trying and you will eventually find which method works best of you.

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