Taking Retirement In Installments: What You Need To Do First?

We all get old; we all will someday pass away. Change is something that no one can stop nor prevent from happening and change in our minds and bodies due to aging is one of those things. In the stories we hear about people who try to develop a certain magical portion or a pill that can halt aging and bring eternal youth. Thank god they are stories! We must face the reality that all of us will someday grow old and die. But it is no reason to not to enjoy the elder years! So how can we take retirement in installments? What do we need to do first?

Write The Objectives Down

You may have a vague idea about what you are planning to do in those golden ages. Start beekeeping? Start a garden and grow something? Or maybe even catch up on some missed reading or watching TV. Write them down first; don’t think about the resources you may need to fulfill them, for example, if you really want to start a garden for veggies don’t fret about where can I have this, and how can I buy a good land plot etc.

Just simply note down what you want to do; maybe there are so many things that you will need to pick and choose some of it. Or, some topics which you thought were cool sometime back, may now seem not practical or even ridiculous. Hence, it is important that you are clear about what you really need to do in your retirement time. As a start, you may want to scratch out the unnecessary expenses, but just have a high-level list at the end of this exercise.

What Assets You Have?

Up to now, what are the assets you have? You are aware of the amount you earn and spend each month. If, in the retirement, you plan to live in another place, perhaps sell this current house, and move to a more rural area, what would that mean? What about other resources you have? Such as old records or antique furniture? Are you willing to part with them and earn some money? You have to dissect all this and conclude on the potential of a future life rife with excitement or a calm and quiet existence.

Also, what about the health situation? If you are going to live alone, would it be a wise decision to make? You can just log on to the web and see the options available in retirement homes; they are not the monstrous ventures your old friends thought they would be! You can Click here centennialliving.com.au to see centres in Australia which will provide a super service for interesting retirement life.

Keep The Friendships Alive

There is no reason to close off all your ties and say goodbye to the world. We all will pass away one day but age is not the only reason that happens. So be happy that you are now free of most of the troubles of an employee or a businessman. You now have the time and space to concentrate on yourself and do what you enjoy doing. Therefore, use social media to make new friends and keep the old ones going.

In this day and age, retirement doesn’t have to be a drag. It is in your hands to plan it right and enjoy it!