How Do You Find The Perfect Shoe Size?

Finding a good shoe is important in maintaining the quality of your feet. If you pick the wrong one, you could cause some serious ailments in the future. Below, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know before you make that purchase. So, keep reading.

Don’t Buy Them Too Small

If you’re at the store and buy a shoe that fits snuggly to your feet, don’t buy it. Although it seems like the right choice, it’s not, as your feet grow overtime. As you wear the shoes continuously, you’ll restrict the blood flow to your feet.

This can be detrimental to your overall health and not just to your feet. Because it can cause a blood clot to develop.

Are They Big Enough?

As discussed, they shouldn’t be a snug fit. Instead, you need ample space for your biggest toe. It shouldn’t be too big either as it will cause calluses, making you visit the malvern village podiatry clinic. If the toe space is too big, you’d find it hard to walk in them as well.

Thus, ensure the shoes fit the breadth of your feet perfectly- this is especially true for your heel and the ball of your foot, keeping sufficient space for your biggest toe.

Fit Them At The End Of The Day

You probably don’t know your feet grow over time. What’s crazy is, it changes in length throughout the day as well. If you were to measure your feet at the beginning of the day, it’d be much shorter compared to measurements taken at night.

As you want the perfect fit, shoes should not be bought in the morning. As you can imagine, this is as your feet aren’t at its longest. So, you won’t get the best fit.

Get Your Feet Measured

No one would blame you if you didn’t fit the shoe on. A lot of people ditch this step, looking at the tag that says the shoe’s size, picking one that is their size. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good practice as you could be stuck with a shoe that doesn’t fit you- this happens a lot. Moreover, if the store doesn’t offer a return policy, you’re stuck.

The shoes come from various brands across the world. Hence, their measurements for specific sizes could vary by a bit, ultimately producing a shoe that won’t fit you.

What Materials Are The Shoes Made From?

The shoe may be made from a material that could irritate your skin. If you are allergic to materials like leather, you obviously don’t want it on your feet.

Even if they’re materials you’re not allergic to, the shoes could still cause itching and possibly a burning sensation. You can avoid this by purchasing shoes from quality shops as you know they aren’t working with unauthorized dealers. Additionally, trying the shoes on would be a good indicator as well as you can see how its materials react with your skin.

Considering the above points, there are many things you have to keep in mind to ensure you find yourself the right shoe. Hopefully, you found this article useful, utilizing its information as it will help you on the hunt for the perfect shoe.