Great Activities You Can Do in Italy

Travel, whether domestic or international, will help you achieve some sense of fulfilment, especially if you will be traveling solo. You deserve to treat yourself after working hard to earn not only for yourself but your family as well. There are many places you can visit, but if you have not been to Europe yet, you should go and visit France, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and most especially Italy. Aside from sightseeing, you would be able to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in Italy and a lot of things. Here is the list of the activities you can do in Italy.

Visit The Last Supper in Milan

Milan is a city considered the second most populated in the beautiful country of Italy. If you appreciate art, Milan is the best place to go. You can find here a number of exhibitions, museums, and tourist districts. Also, it is here where you can find one of the most legendary paintings in the whole world called, The Last Supper.  You can see it in Basilica di Santa Maria Delle Grazie. This painting was made sometime in the 1490s under Ludovicoil Moro’s administration. Before you go here, you have to reserve your tickets online in advance as tickets are limited. It is better if you have family or friends living in Italy so they can book your slot right away. After visiting The Last Supper, you may go next to Duomo square. Before going back to your hotel, you can drop by at some of the bars, pubs or restaurants to have some fun and entertainment.

Join the Cycling Event

You could join the cycling tour which is called the gran fondoitaly. Check out online about all the information you need such as the date, itinerary, pricing and tour overview. It is best if you will avail the package with accommodation, meals, transfers and ride support among others to get big savings.

Try Some Pizza

Your visit to Italy will not be complete without trying out some authentic Italian cuisine such as pasta and pizza. You may find a wide range of choices in every city that you will visit, but it is a must to go to Naples if you want to make your stomach happy with some delicious pizza. And if you are a cheese lover, and meat is something you can’t live without, you should not miss going to Bologna.

Explore Rome

It is in Rome where you can marvel at the beauty of the Colosseum. Whether you like history or not, surely you will love every part of it. After a tiring day, treat yourself to some authentic Italian pasta, then have a cup of espresso afterward.

Get a Sweet Treat

Just like pasta and pizza, gelato is famous in Italy. Have two to three scoops

of gelato daily while walking in the canals in Venice. Fret not of gaining too much weight, because it is lower in fat compared to other ice cream styles.

There is so much to do and see in Italy. Just make sure you plan your trip carefully especially your budget.