Eyesight Problems? Visit an Optometrist

When choosing an Optometrist, of course we would always choose someone who got their degree from a prestigious optometry university or college, someone with extensive experience, and someone recommended by a friend, colleague or family member that we trust. These criteria are all important. But there are other considerations that you might think trivial, but as important as the ones mentioned above.

The number one consideration is if you are comfortable and did the Optometrist met your expectations. In some cases especially those with severe eye problems, an Optometrist who works closely with an Ophthalmologist should be a consideration (and yes and Optometrist is different from an Ophthalmologist). Professional affiliations should also matter.

Are You Comfortable?

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in our body and losing our sense of sight is one of the most terrifying ordeals we could experience. So a lot of people are either taking care of their eyes while others are ignoring any conditions for fear of Abernethy Owens Optometrists telling them their eyesight is bad. But taking care of our eyes should not be something we could forego.

An optometrist who could make you feel comfortable and relaxed when they are conducting eye tests, and or even performing eye surgery if necessary, could make taking care of your eyes easier. If the Optometrist managed to create a serene atmosphere, you would not dread visiting their clinic for your appointments.

Did the Optometrist Meet Your Expectations?

If it is your first time visiting an Optometrist, you might not have any expectations. Or your only expectation is that the Optometrist could make the visit as painless as possible. This is a valid expectation since no patient would want to feel pain when they go see an Optometrist. But if you are used to receiving ophthalmic care and just need to find a new Optometrist for unavoidable reasons, the standard set by your previous eye doctor especially if it is a high one should be met.

Is the Optometrist Working with an Ophthalmologist?

For those with existing medical eye conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, etc., it is recommended that they visit an eye doctor who is specialized in their condition. If a complicated eye surgery is needed, the expertise of an Ophthalmologist might be required.

When this happens, it is better that your Optometrist works with an Ophthalmologist who they could vouch for when it comes to credentials and professionalism. Your Optometrist is concerned about your well-being and would not refer you to a specialist who could not give a definitive diagnosis, perform the surgery, and adhere to a treatment plan.

What are Their Professional Affiliations?

If the Optometrist is affiliated and a member of organizations and Fellowships, check if this is related to your condition since this is an indication that they are indeed specialized and an expert in certain disciplines and practices.

Hesitating to visit an Optometrist even if we already have an eye condition that affects our daily activities is understandable. It is terrifying. But it is something we have to endure.