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Are You Suffering from One of the World’s Most Common Mental Conditions?

We need to accept mental illness. It’s a real issue that many of us or even our loved ones face. But, since it’s not a physical ailment, society tends to ignore the full magnitude it entails- telling its victims to simply alter their patterns of thinking. Because of this problematic advice, many sufferers don’t seek help due to the social stigma they’re scared of evoking. That’s unfortunate. And what’s more unfortunate is that as time goes by, more and more people are becoming victims of mental sickness. That’s why awareness should be made. We’ll start one day at a time. We’ll start with anxiety- one of the most common mental ailments.

What Exactly is Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety is a broad spectrum of disorders that all happen to induce panic or stress. This spectrum revolves around some major disorders; phobias, social anxiety, panic disorders, and generalized anxiety disorder. I’ll start by explaining each.

Phobias are disorders that cause distress when a person encounters a certain object or situation. For example, a child with a horse phobia will start to get very upset when around a horse and will try to get away from it. This usually happens due to the individual having a bad encounter with the object/situation, causing them to be conditioned with fear.

Generalized anxiety disorder causes a constant feeling of unrest and stress. This constant unease and worrying make everyday activities very hard to focus on. Unlike phobias, the general consensus is that this is inherited due to faulty genes.

Social anxiety is the overwhelming fear of being judged in public- so much so that the individual completely shuts themselves off from social interactions. Similarly to phobias, may most likely be learned through a bad encounter, but can also be attributed to genetics.

The final major disorder in the anxiety spectrum is panic disorders. This is when a person has constant, reappearing panic attacks that hit them randomly. People who’ve experienced these panic attacks report that they caused them to have heart palpitations, a choking sensation, feeling dizzy and even trouble with breathing.

What are the Treatments?

Did the above sound like you? If it did, don’t worry. It did to me too once, but I got help and googled anxiety treatment melbourne for treatment. It’s obvious our modern world’s tribulations have caused anxiety disorders to rise.

For each of the following disorders, medication is an option. You will be put on a dose of anti-anxiety medicine to control your disorder. However, some of these drugs have side effects such as nausea, headaches, constipation, etc. The most common method of treatment is something called CBT, also known as cognitive behavioral therapy. This is where the therapist challenges the patient’s faulty thinking, making them accept the irrationality of it, which subsequently causes their behavior to change. This therapy is the most patient-friendly and is the main line of attack when it comes to treating anxiety disorders.

Did you learn something new? What do you think of Anxiety disorders now?

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